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At Elite Med we have all your medical needs covered with our expert team of doctors and specialists who are able to help you with your medical diagnoses.

We aim to provide you with the most affective treatments which are specifically tailored to your health and well-being.

Some of our specialist services include our advanced cosmetic treatments with Elite Skin, our Gold Coast Hormone Clinic specialises in bio-identical hormone therapy, our sexual health enhancement specialist administers the latest revolutionary procedures, and our chiropractor specialises in the latest High Power Laser Technology.

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Our specialist chiropractor at Elite Med – Dr Mark Miller, showed Channel 9 News how this latest laser technology functions. Effective, painless and side-effect free, a breakthrough in pain management for chronic and acute conditions.

Eliminating your pain could be a call away. Book online now at www.elite-med.com.au or call 07 5570 7777.

We are not your ordinary medical clinic, we offer a range of specialist services using the latest technology, our specialists and doctors are highly trained in their fields and are passionate about making tailor-made solutions for you to enjoy optimum health and wellbeing.

We work together as a team, in one location, creating a holistic environment, and we are therefore able to track our patient's health together.


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with every antenatal consultation

Urgent appointments will be seen by the next available GP. Please advise reception if you believe you require an urgent appointment. Urgent Appointments will be triaged by the nurse on duty.

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Beat the winter blues! Keep your mood up this winter with a soothing stroll on our beautiful Gold Coast beaches. ☀️ Sunshine gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D which promotes good moods! Breathe in the fresh crisp air to revive you and take away stress. And the best part is it’s free! Stay fit, healthy and happy this winter! #elitemed #gpcoomera



It's Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world; 1 in 13 Australians develop the disease in their lifetime. What is bowel cancer? Bowel cancer can affect any part of the large bowel (colon) or rectum. Most bowel cancers start as benign, non-threatening growths – called polyps – on the wall or lining of the bowel. Polyps are usually harmless; however, adenomatous polyps can become cancerous (malignant) and if left undetected, can develop into a cancerous tumour. Who gets bowel cancer? Bowel cancer affects men and women, young and old. Bowel cancer is Australia's second deadliest cancer. It’s important to know the symptoms of bowel cancer and have them investigated if they persist for more than two weeks. Almost 90% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully when detected early. What are the symptoms of bowel cancer? * Blood in the stool or rectal bleeding * A recent, persistent change in bowel habit, especially if severe (including diarrhoea, constipation or the feeling of incomplete emptying) * A change in the shape or appearance of bowel movements (e.g., more narrow than usual) * Abdominal pain or swelling * Pain or a lump in the anus or rectum * Unexplained anaemia * A feeling that the bowel has not emptied completely after a bowel movement How is bowel cancer diagnosed? If a person experiences symptoms suggestive of bowel cancer for two weeks or longer, they should be referred by their GP to a specialist for colonoscopy to investigate the cause. For more information visit https://www.bowelcanceraustralia.org/what-is-bowel-cancer/ Book an appointment with us today if you are feeling concerned about your health at https://www.elite-med.com.au/



PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections could be your solution to accelerate healing! Are you suffering from any of the following: • Tennis elbow • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, • ACL Tears • Shin Splints • Lumbar Spine Disc Pain • Rotator Cuff Tears • Joint Osteoarthritis • Plantar Fasciitis • Hamstring Tears • Torn Muscle in calf • Achilles Tendinosis • Balding Human blood contains a number of different types of cells. The three main types are; red blood cells (carry oxygen in the blood), white blood cells (fight infections), and platelets (aid in blood clotting and promoting the healing process). PRP concentrates the platelets within small volumes of plasma. The platelets contain growth factors which when injected into the injured area it promotes healing. Don’t let that injury get you down! Call our reception to enquire more today and to book your appointment on 0755707777. Visit www.elite-med.com.au for more on our practice. #elitemed #elitemedcoomera #plateletrichplasma #prpinjections #prp --



‼️Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot! 😷 Escape the Flu this Winter! Book your Flu Shot with Elite Med today - Call us on 0755707777. WHY SHOULD YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT?! 🤒 It provides your best chance for protection against the flu 🤒 It helps protect the people around you 🤒 Strains of flu change every year which is why we need a new vaccine every year to guard against this often debilitating illness 🤒 Flu season in Australia usually runs from June - September 🤒 It’ll only cost you $15 to get your jab - how easy is THAT!? (Bulk billed depending on age/medical condition) 🤒 If you’re already unwell, come and see our GPs but don’t book your shot until you’re well again! Stay safe against the flu! Book today! Call 0775707777 or book online at https://www.elite-med.com.au #elitemed #elitemedcoomera #flujab #flushotcoomera #flushot

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